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How Stardust Designer can help

Your brand should be working hard for you, to tell the compelling story that makes you stand out clearly and consistently.
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Brand Strategy                      MISSION - VALUES - POSITIONING - VOICE

Creating the foundation for a distinctive brand requires some solid ground work. As you build and promote your business, you’ll need clarity on what it should look and sound like. We’ll explore your vision, goals, audience, how you want them to feel, your company’s personality, unique strengths, and more. The resulting brief is a summary that will both keep you focused, and guide your brand’s design and messaging.


Brand Design                          COLORS - VIBE - FONTS - FEEL

You’re starting from scratch or evolving your company’s existing branding. You want to distill the essence of your company into a look and feel.

Drawing on insights learned from your Brand Strategy and Research, we look at potential design elements for your new brand identity. The client is presented with mood boards and initial design directions. A chosen direction is crafted and refined into a toolkit of visual elements, and guidelines for how to use them.



Social Media                            CONTENT - ADS - ANIMATION - STYLE

The most expensive mistake a brand can make in social media is launching channels or programs without a social media strategy.

It takes a structured approach to build an efficient social media marketing strategy that meets your goals. Not to mention, the creative skills to cut through the clutter and generate results.

At Stardust Designer, we believe it takes planning and passion to be successful. We Convert your objectives into actionable social media strategies to achieve measurable results. We build custom roadmaps for success aligning audience, objectives, strategies, and tactics in a way that achieves your business goals.

Website Elements
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Style Guide
Fitness App
Social Media
Be You
Creative Assets
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
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