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As an entrepreneur, you paint a vision that changes the world.

I'm here to take that journey with you, step by step, as your
creative partner.

As you pave the way for a more sustainable and impactful future, your brand needs to articulate this vision clearly. I’m dedicated to crafting brand identities that resonate deeply and authentically with your audience. Together, we’ll develop a brand that not only looks great but also embodies the principles you stand for, ensuring it connects effectively with those you aim to inspire.

Ravit Solomon Brand Designer




Unleash Your Brand’s Potential
with a Creative Edge

Ravit Solomon Brand Designer

I'm Ravit

I love problem solving, collaborating, creating, traveling, playing music and sushi!

As a passionate and innovative creative professional, I thrive on diving deep into comprehensive projects with a visionary approach. My ability to forge successful collaborations is rooted in a deep understanding of my clients’ aspirations, allowing me to guide each project with insight and fresh creativity.

From solo ventures to dynamic team collaborations, I’m always eager to tackle new challenges and seize opportunities to lead with imagination and solve problems inventively. I invite you to explore my portfolio to see the impact we can create together. Reach out to discuss how we can craft something extraordinary together.

Looking for a creative partner? Let's discuss your vision!

"Ravit helped me focus on my values and allowed me to create my identity as a creative."

“Ravit has helped me find my voice as an artist and photographer.

Before connecting with her, I didn’t know how to narrow down the work that I would be truly passionate about.

Ravit was an excellent listener, catering to my needs and understood how to organize my thoughts into something solid and grounding. She helped me focus on my values and allowed me to create my identity as a creative. I am very satisfied with the work she has done and her engaging spirit to uplift and boost my photography business.

I highly recommend Ravit to help you with building your brand. She is professional, attentive and a talented wordsmith who will elevate your brand.”

— Jackie Han, Jackie X Studio

Jackie Han photography
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