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DJ & producer on a mission to connect, inspire, and uplift.

Ali Gria's brand journey is a harmonious blend of inspiration, inclusiveness, and innovation.

Her music resonates with the therapeutic power of dance and the unity it fosters within her diverse community of listeners.

Through this project, we transformed Ali Gria's brand to reflect her commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and mental health advocacy. Together, we created a vibrant brand that speaks to the heart, connecting individuals with a shared passion for music, dance, and personal growth.
My Contributions:

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
Branded Collateral
Logo Design &

Ali Gria slogan dance dream repeat
Ali Gria photo
Ali Gria slogan on merch
We took inspiration from the liveliness of nature, the zest and liveliness of a lemon, and the rhythmic flow of waves, symbolizing the emotions that resonate when immersed in EDM beats. The iconic logo—a pink lemon slice with a falling drop—serves as a vibrant metaphor for juiciness, vitality, and sweetness, akin to a revitalizing pink lemonade. Just as in electronic music, the drop symbolizes that electrifying moment when the beat takes its exhilarating plunge
LIB flyer mock-up
Ali Gria sub-mark logo
Ali Gria poster design
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Ali Gria Brand Identity presentation
"I'm excited for the future of my brand with the foundation she helped me create."

I loved working with Ravit.  She had wonderful ideas and brought my vision to life.  Her professionalism is top notch.  She was always very communicative and would reply in a timely manner.  I'm excited for the future of my brand with the foundation she helped me create.

— Ali Gria, DJ & Producer

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